Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monthly Subscription Review ~ Ipsy Bag ~ February 2015 (And product WARNING!)

Brace yourself. Shit is about to get real. I am writing this with a deep ache in my heart. Words cannot express the incredible loss I feel today due the sudden and painful death of my fucking lashes

Allow me to elaborate. This month many "Ipsters" received an eyelash curler. I was pretty excited about this as I only have one and I would love to have a back up for my purse. Well, my 'fuck yeahs' quickly turned to 'fuuuck nos' as I read an email from Ipsy explaining that some of the curlers were misaligned and causing damage to lashes. They advised everyone to check theirs for this defect. I should have thrown the damn thing away immediately! But a girl cain't throw away a perfectly good makeup tool now! That there is called blasphemy! So, I obeyed the email and went to check my curler. I pressed it down as far as it would go. So far so good. I released it and tried again. No obvious defect detected. I shook the damn thing to see if mishandling it could cause a problem. Same outcome. Hmm... Looks safe to me... WRONG, BITCH! My trust in Ipsy (and Emite Make Up) was forever shattered.  As were my lashes that were now sprinkled about my vanity and clinging precariously to the curler. Oh HELL no! I just sat there with my mouth agape, looking from the mirror to the curler and shaking my head. What the fuck just happened?! This cannot be happening! Oh yes. It can. And it did. Congratulations! You found the defective curler! After somewhat composing myself I pressed down on the curler again and this time the top slid right past the rubber pad and grazed the inside of the bottom lip creating a scissor-like effect. I literally just cut my eyelashes off.

According to Ipsy, they are currently "working with Emite to investigate the issue." If you received this curler I beg you to just throw it out. Or see if you can send it back to Ipsy and get a replacement product. For the love of makeup gods, don't fucking use it! Your lashes will thank you.

Anyone know of a good place to buy bulk lashes? >_<

Le sigh....

~Now for the actual review...~

Up All Night Volumizing Spray: Great texturizing spray! I think it smells like cologne which is kind of weird and the smell hangs around for quite a while.

Mitchell and Peach
Fine Radiance Face Oil: Lightweight, absorbs quickly. Very light floral/rose scent. Works great.

City Color Cosmetics
Creamy Lip Stain: Smooth, not sticky. Incredibly pigmented. Reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme.

BLUSH Cheek Powder: Soft, smooth, fairly pigmented. Gives a nice, subtle (natural) flush of color.

Spit it Out!

What did you like about the February bag? What are you looking forward to for March? Did you have a lash catastrophe this month?

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