Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monthly Subscription Review ~ Ipsy Bag ~ January 2015

This month's theme is appropriately named Fresh Start. As we are getting into the groove of the new year and new resolutions it's nice to give your makeup and skin care routine a makeover, too. One of my goals this month is to use up as many products as possible that are close to their expiration date or half used, so I am excited to possibly find some new additions. There were some great products in this bag as well as a couple duds, but 3 out of 5 ain't bad! Let's check 'em out!

The Bag: Has a simple and clean look to it. Seems like a durable little bag. One of my favorites so far.

Product #1: BelláPierre Shimmer Powder. I received this in the color Whesek. I have swatched this numerous times and used it on my eyes both wet and dry and I still am not quite sure how I feel about it. It looks like a different color every time I look at it! It also looks very different in person than it does online. Not to mention the pictures online vary by website. When I first opened it I thought it was a dark blue or purple, then I swatched it and it looked like a shimmery periwinkle. Then I took it into better light and it was more of a silvery, gun metal color. I applied it to my eyes and it took on a more blue color. I swear this eyeshadow is fucking bipolar! I don't think I want to even bother with this product any more than I already have. There are so many other shades that I think I would have liked better.

Product #2: Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush. I am in love with this brush. Maybe only for the fact that it is pink, but I am okay with that. I haven't had a lot of time with it but it does seem like a quality brush. The bristles are soft and they pick up color nicely.

Product #3: Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow. This is a lovely, light eyeshadow. I was sent the shade Ethereal. The color is smooth and pigmented yet not overly shiny. It gives off a nice, subtle glow. This will get a lot of use as an inner corner highlight. I plan to try it as a face highlight and I will try to update my review once I do.

Product #4: Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer. When I first put this on I was surprised at how tingly my lips were. It wasn't that typical burning sensation that many plumping lip glosses have but it was definitely noticeable. However, the second time I put it on I did not feel anything. I'm not sure if maybe I didn't apply as much as the initial test but I did find it rather peculiar. It has a light rose scent to it and it made my lips feel super hydrated. This could easily replace my Dior Creme de Rose lip balm. (Not that I would actually want to replace it, but for "dupes" sake, let's pretend!)

Products #5: La Fresh Eco-Beauty Be Good. Good Day. Day Moisturizer. I was pretty "meh" about this one. It's not that it's bad, but it's definitely boring to me. It's just another moisturizer, nothing special. I have dry skin. Always. All the time. There is a lotion and/or moisturizer in literally every room of my house! I really don't need more samples to add to the clutter. That being said, the good thing about this one is the packaging. It is your typical foil packet-like sample but it has a cap on it. I could easily throw this in my purse without it taking up much room and it's bound to get used. So, there's that...

Verdict: I give this bag a 3.5/5. I feel like I should toy with the Whesek shadow a bit more before I officially decide that I hate it and eventually find it a new home-but the rest of the products will definitely get some good mileage. I do wish I would have received something different instead of two eyeshadows. I have enough shadows to last a lifetime. Two in one bag is a bit much, no?

Spit It Out!

Have you received your Ipsy bag yet? What were your favorite items? If you got one of the BelláPierre shadows let me know which color you received and if you've had a similar experience with it. I'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions for using it.

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