Thursday, September 4, 2014

Product Return Shaming

When I plan to buy any makeup or skincare product I am diligent in my research before purchasing. I scour the internet for reviews, swatches,YouTube videos, etc. I will spend days making  a decision because I absolutely despise having to return a product. Maybe it's my own tendency toward wallowing in guilt or maybe it's the stigma behind the act of returning something. There is a big black cloud lingering around the subject. If you do a search online you will find an infinite number of opinions but I think for the most part people are very much against it. I definitely feel judged every time I walk into Sephora with a return, whether it be used or unused. Where in the hell did this negativity begin? Snooty rich bitches who can afford to throw a $50 foundation in a drawer and never use it?! Honey, I ain't got money falling out of my ass. I have to be ecstatic over my high-end foundation in order to keep it. Come to think of it, I even returned a drug store foundation because it looked horrendous... I seem to have a pretty tumultuous relationship with foundation, but I digress...

In my opinion, if you are not abusing the privileged of returning products then you should, by all means, return something that does not work for you. If I get "color matched" for a foundation in the horrid lighting of Sephora and get home to find that I look like an Oompa Loompa you bet your ass I will be taking that shit back. You are not doing anything wrong and you are not hurting anyone by taking a product back. These are very large companies that we are talking about - they anticipate (and budget) for this exact thing. I know the idea of all that makeup being tossed out and wasted is hard to bear but, according to a Sephora rep, if they can sanitize it they will use it as a tester and if the product is not sanitary it will then be "destroyed". I think most products these days fall under the "sanitary" or "can be sanitized" category. I personally refrain from purchasing products in pot form as I don't like to constantly put my hands into something I put on my face every day - because... eww.

Now, all that being said, I by no means agree with someone taking back old, half empty products you've had lying around for years just to get some free makeup. I had seen a blog post a while back outlining how to screw over Sephora with their return policy. That's just down right shitty and well.. Karma is a bitch. If you do this, I hope your new makeup gives you crater face.

Anyway, I have some things to go return now and I'm going to try to not feel guilty about it! Don't judge. This Clinique concealer has got to go!

Spit It Out! 

What is your stance on returning products? Do you feel guilty about returning makeup?

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