Monday, August 25, 2014

The Electric Palette Challenge - Day #1

I have been seeing a slew of pictures floating around Twitter and Instagram with the #ElectricChallenge tag and realized that I had not actually used my Urban Decay Electric palette since I bought it. Please don't tell my boyfriend!  So, I was pretty excited to attempt this challenge. During my trial run I was pretty impressed by how easily I was able to create a very wearable, not-too-loud look. These shadows blend amazingly well with neutral shades and you can achieve a beautiful (and totally work appropriate) look. Each day this week I will be trying out a new look and hopefully by Friday I will have used all of the colors in the palette.

Day #1 - Leeeerve it. Fer reelz. I cannot believe this came from the vibrant, drag-worthy amazingness that is the Electric palette. I added shadows from the Laura Mercier Artist palette as well as the UD Naked 2. Not Shown: Blackout. I used a small bit to deepen the outer corner. I am really happy with how this one turned out and I am definitely excited for the rest of the week!

Spit it Out!

Do you own this palette? Have you used it yet? If so, what is your favorite color combination? I would love to see your #ElectricChallenge pics! Post them on Twitter and tag me @BeautyOfApathy or on Instragram @beautyofapathy.

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