Friday, August 29, 2014

Electric Challenge #5

This one is for Kitty who requested that I recreate a post from the very talented @makeupmouse on Instagram. The problem is that I am lacking in the "Mad Skills" department. Lucky for you I am really good at bringing mediocre talent to the table.

Revolt and Thrash were the last two shadows in the palette that I hadn't used much this week. I tried to keep the focus on those colors without it looking like a drunk hooker did my makeup. Apparently, the drunk hooker forgot to pluck some rogue eyebrow hairs before starting this endeavor... She is so fired.

I'm sad to say I am pretty relieved this week is over. I was definitely running out of ideas! It was fun while it lasted, though. Now gimme back my neutral makeup!

Spit It Out!

How do you like them purple brows? Spectacular, I know...

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  1. Squeal!!! It's like a My Little Pony!!!