Monday, June 23, 2014

What is Beauty of Apathy?

When first delving into the world of makeup and beauty a girl can easily get overwhelmed with too much information, too many options and worst of all, too many rules. No blue eyeshadow! No white after Labor Day! Yes to winged liner and red lips! Do this! Don't do that! Well, around here we make our own damn rules and we do whatever the hell makes us feel good.

As I launched myself further into the beauty and makeup industry I realized that there really are no rules with makeup or hair and there is no longer a generic image of the women we are supposed to strive to be. We have the opportunity to define our own standards of beauty and make our own choices in what color eyeshadow to wear and what size we should be. Don't follow the same, boring beaten down path that everyone else has chosen. Make your own trail. Be a trendsetter. And don't be offended if someone follows your lead. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Beauty of Apathy is a place where I can provide my own insights, experiences and some smart-assed (and not so smart-assed) opinions. This is a place that welcomes diversity and encourages open discussion. So put on some neon yellow eyeliner and don your "fat" pants (or don't) and join the conversation.

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